We have over 160 Dial a Dog Wash vans throughout the UK and Ireland. We come to your in our Mobile Parlour and groom your dog outside your home or place of work for your convenience.

Yes we have fully ‘Academy trained’ groomers who will not only wash, clip and dry your pet but they will also check over the general condition of your dog whilst we carry out the groom. If we come across anything of note we will obviously inform you straight away.

Well firstly your dog receives one on one attention the whole time they are with us. No noisy shop environment, no cage dryers used, no being left to one side whilst the groomer carry’s on with another dog. Basically your dog will get one on one service throughout the groom ensuring he/she will have the groomers full attention and care the whole time they are there.

All we need is a space big enough for our van, an electrical point to plug into….and your dog and we are away.

All of our groomers carry a range of natural products to suit all different types of coats. Your groomer will discuss any issues your dog may have before the grooming process commences to ascertain the best products to use.

All our operators work with your pets best interests at heart so if it helps the groom to have you there then we have no issue with this.

All our groomers are trained to the highest standards by our Training Academy. We also hold extra training events, have forum platforms to keep all our groomers up to speed with topical grooming issues and conferences to make sure they are always learning new techniques and skills.

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