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Franchisee Testimonials

Andrew - Co Wexford

I started in July 2022, and have to say that the training was absolutely fantastic! Dave, Diane and my trainer Jamie have gotten me off to a wonderful start, over €1300 in my very first week. The way they go through everything and leave nothing to chance is amazing - from the marketing, to the grooming training, to the 24 hour support. I was that impressed with the whole set up, I sent in this testimonial on my second week out there. I worked behind a desk in an office for the past 25 years, so I didn't take this lightly. Best decision of my life !!


Sarah - South Dublin

I joined in early 2022, and Ive had an incredible start, so want to give this testimonial to the franchise. Im from a horse related background, so I'm very used to working with animals, but I wasnt expecting anything like this. Yes its hard work, and you have to commit to the system of Dial A Dog Wash, but I cant believe after just 6 weeks I'm earning over €1700 per week. Everything that the franchise says is possible is true, and they really know how to make it happen in quick time, from the moment that you set off. Earnings are really unlimited, and in a short space of time. I'm really pleased and happy now I chose the franchise route into dog grooming, theres no way I could be making this kind of money so quickly if I had tried alone. 

Gerald - Roscommon, Westmeath ( Retired)

As a retired franchisee, It gives me great pleasure writing this as a testimonial for the Dial a dog wash franchise. I was the first franchisee to take on an area in Ireland back in 2009. I had no experience with grooming, or with franchising, I was an hotelier previously before joining, and I have also owned many different businesses in my career. I was 59 years old when I started, so I knew this was my last business that I would be running. When I joined, I was looking at maybe 5 years before selling at the most, then  retiring, but I ended up staying for just over 10 years, because I enjoyed it so much, then I sold the area to a guy called Dermot, who as taken the business over, looking after my customers and growing it even further. Myself and my wife still get invited to get togethers, AGMs both in Ireland and in Britain, Dave and Diane Caddy are two of the warmest, nicest and sincerest people I have ever met, and it gives me and my wife Geraldine great pleasure to call them friends. I knew from the moment that I met them, they would do everything that they could, to help to make me successful in this business, and Ive seen many others join since in Ireland, and seen them all grow substantial businesses for themselves too. This is not just a franchise, or just a business, its so much more, and theres so much support, that you can see why everyone succeeds, with that help thats available. 

Julie-Anne - South and East Belfast

Ive always wanted to do this, it was all I could think about after working in a national bank for years, and when I found out I was being made redundant in October 2022, I contacted Dave Caddy, who told me about the opportunity with Cheryth as a sub partner. Basically she was overloaded with work and needed a partner to take on the work that she couldnt fit in. After meeting with Dave,  with my husband, I knew afterwards that this was the way for me. I asked the bank if I could bring the redundancy date forward, which they agreed, and  I used some of my redundancy money to start up in the September , and its the best thing that I could've done with the money. The training was fantastic with Dave himself, and the ongoing support from everyone especially my sub partner Cherilyn as been fantastic too! I'm already earning 3 times as much as I was earning at the bank. Best decision ever, and looking forward to the future for myself and my family more than ever now, even my hubby is looking at becoming a groomer with me now, so we can earn twice the amount, doing a wonderful job. It doesn't feel like work to me. Its a pleasure to go out each day and look after these beautiful fur babies.


Emma - Wicklow

I brought the sub franchise area in Wicklow, working alongside the already successful guy in the area, and joined during the pandemic in late 2020. I went to meet Dave Caddy in Dublin, and they explained everything to me. Because of the success of the guy already in there, it took off straight away. Everyone around me said I was mad joining during the starnge times of covid and to wait until better times, but going against what folks were saying to me including family, I went for it, and Im so happy that I did. Ive been earning 5 times more than I was earning in my old job, and Ive recently employed someone. Life couldn't be better. See More You tube feedback from franchisees Here:

Morag - Newry and The Mournes

After working many years in the care industry, and contemplating many times to become a dog groomer, but not really going for it, I finally took the plunge in 2018. I brought an existing business that was well established in Newcastle Co Down, and its been the best decision of my life. The support from Dave and Diane, and also my neighbouring franchisees as been absolutely amazing, they are always there for me if I need anything. Many in Dial A Dog Wash say similar, but I can only reitterate, that I wish I had taken the plunge years ago. I am the most independent and secure that I have ever been in all my working life. I absolutely love it. See more from Morag here on You Tube


Dermot - Co Roscommon

I brought a resale from the previous owner Gerald, who had been with the franchise for the previous 10 years. Im 59 years old and a similar age to when Gerald first started, so I knew it was possible for me to carry on the business the same into retirement, with this secure investment. Ive always earned great money so that was also another concern leaving a well paid job. At first I was a bit scared of taking over from a well established, and well liked guy, but the training I received in Louth was fantastic, and the help from the franchise ensured a smooth takeover, and I am happy to say that I have met some wonderful dogs and their owners, and earn much more than I ever earned in my old job. 

Jean - Dun Laoghaire

I started in August 2013 and I haven't looked back. Every hurdle I came across, Master franchisee Dave Caddy, was always on hand to put things right, nothings too much trouble for him, I know I can call on him at anytime for virtually anything, from advice with the equipment to general business advice, he even came down and helped me out with hands on grooming that I haven't been sure about, actually came to my area to help me, at a moments notice. When they say that you have help every step of the way, they do mean it - they really want you to succeed as much as you do. I have followed everything that I have been trained to do from all the marketing, right through from aquiring to retaining customers, there is so much that you would never think of doing on your own, but I followed it and I built up a regular database of customers right away, I got regular repeat business. I expanded in 2014, its that mad - to think I used to be a school teacher, and also a volunteer in a rescue centre to actually going out, and now getting paid to work with these lovely animals - Its mad!!! 


Stephanie - Co Meath 

 I Brought an existing area in Meath and cavan, and I havent looked back! Within 2 years of starting out, I now have 3 vans, with my daughter, son and retired husband joining me in the business. I have never been so happy in my work, and it was the best career change I could have made.

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Joe - South Down

Ive been with Dial a Dog Wash since 2011, I started in Manchester in my Mothers business, before moving to Northern Ireland in 2015 with my young family, where I started this business. I can't thank Dave and Diane enough for this opportunity, I have made some wonderful friends, and met a lot of lovely dogs. It was a big decision to come here for myself and my family, but I can honestly say that, we have flourished here.

Cheryth - Newtownards and Bangor

I went to see Dave Caddy in Belfast in May 2022, and was out fully trained and operating by the end of June 2022, the turnaround was fast!!!! I used to work behind a chemist counter, it was OK, but not the job I dreamed about doing. I am now doing the job I dreamt about. With being a sub partner, I have been incredibly busy from the start with all the work passed over to me. I saw this opportunity online, the day it became available, so it was meant to be. One of the best decisions I have ever made. Thank goodness I saw the ad!!!


Niall - Co Galway

I used to work in the hospitality industry before joining. Everything I was told by Dave Caddy at the initial meeting as happened, and I mean everything! He told me that I would earn good money from day 1, that within months, my business would be stacked out with work, and also that I would be earning more money, than I had ever earned before - everything as become reality. He also told me that I would have less stress than any of the the jobs that I have had before - all very true, and Ive been doing this since 2019 - The support and back up for me as been outstanding from all of the Head Office team. See more on You Tube from Niall

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Majella - South Tipperary

Best career move Ive ever made, and choosing to go with dial a dog wash was the best desision for me. I fit my hours in between school hours with having a little one to look after too. The training was incredibly quick and I was out on the road right after doing it, literally the day after, but the support to make your business work after the training is incredible too. Ive had quite a few hurdles to get over, but the support from my trainer, and the rest of the team as been far more than I could ever have expected. 

Ken - Cork

I wanted the quickest route into this industry, and didn't really consider anywhere apart from joining dial a dog wash. Ive been in business before for myself before the recession of 2009, and I know first hand how hard it is to set a business up from scratch and to make it work. You can see for yourself just by looking through the websites that its nearly impossible to fail in this franchise, and with the support from everyone involved it was the only choice for me, and the best bit for me is that I earned great money from the start. 

Read Kens story in the Echo Here: Kens story

Cherilyn - Newtownards and Bangor Northern Ireland and East and South Belfast

I was an employee working for the area owner since 2014, and enjoyed and loved the job so much, so I brought this area from them in 2018 when the existing owner retired. I have 2 employees working in the business and it just keeps getting busier all the time. My neighbouring franchisees are so supportive, and we are all there for one another. Its just one big happy family of doggy lovers. I love this business so much, I took on a second area in 2019. Both have sub franchise partners operating alongside me. Just keeps getting busier and better!!

David -  North Kerry

I joined as a sub franchise partner to my brother Conor in early 2020, taking over the Northern part of Kerry and some of Co Limerick. I saw how well he was doing and I was not enjoying my own job as a coffee shop proprieter, so after a long talk with Conor about getting involved in my own business in the area, then going to meet Dave and Jean in Dublin, I knew it was going to be a great decision to join the franchise. Ive been so busy right from the off. The training with Jean was absolutely amazing, very professional, and the support from Dave Caddy whenever needed is great too, he always gets straight back to you at anytime to help where and when needed. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending the dial a dog wash franchise opportunity, especially if you want to be earning good money from the minute you start out.

Charlotte -  Belfast

I brought an existing business after working as an employee for around 3 years, it was a big move for me, but I'm so glad I did it. I now have 3 vans of my own with employees working them. Its been hard work, but well worth it, and having the freedom to start a family and manage my business as been the most satisfying for me over the last two years. The best advice I can give you is if you want the support, and you want to thrive in this industry, this is the best opportunity out there. Im the proof!

Conor -  South Kerry

I used to work in the renewable energy industry, building and installing wind turbines all over Europe, but this is the best thing I've ever done!! Massive change of career for me, but doing something I really enjoy as been the best decision that I could've done. It as given me the flexibility to choose the hours I want to do, and spend far more time with my family. Choosing the franchise route was the perfect decision for me, a blue print there to follow, makes it very easy to succeed, with very liitle room for failure. The support is phenomenal!, Dave and Diane are always on hand, at anytime, evenings, weekends, nights, always there, and their advice and help is always perfect. I enjoy the meetings, day courses and get togethers with all the other franchisees, that are all free, and you just never stop learning.  More from Conor click here:

Mary - Waterford

I joined Dial A Dog in 2010, and it as been a journey of many highs.I had just had my daughter, and had to work the training, and then the business around her, I started with just the one van like everyone else, employed on the days I couldn't work while caring for my girl. The business gave me all the freedom I needed at that time, and also when I had my second daughter. I now have also expanded into a Dial A Dog Wash salon, and also have a sub franchise partner operating in the area, so business is booming.

Dave - Galway

What a journey!!! I was absolutely petrified about going out on my own after my hands on training, but I had no need to worry, as Dave Caddy came over to my actual area, and stayed with me until I was settled. I can't tell you just how important that was to me, I felt physically sick the night before my first day, but thanks to Dave and the wonderful support, he eased me through, I just didn't realise at the time just how much I knew from the training, my brain and body went into auto pilot. Best decision of my life, my business is absolutely thriving, and I have expanded with a sub franchise, who is also incredibly busy. I nearly didn't join a franchise, but I'm so glad I made the decision to join now, it was perfect for me.

Louise - Tyrone

Best move for me, earning more money than I've ever earned working around my young family. The support is fantastic, and I expanded in 2019. Long may it continue!!



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