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Franchisee Testimonials


I started in August 2013 and I haven't looked back. Every hurdle I came across, Master franchisee Dave Caddy, was always on hand to put things right, nothings too much trouble for him, I know I can call on him at anytime for virtually anything, from advice with the equipment to general business advice, he even came down and helped me out with hands on grooming that I haven't been sure about, actually came to my area to help me, at a moments notice. When they say that you have help every step of the way, they do mean it - they really want you to succeed as much as you do. I have followed everything that I have been trained to do from all the marketing, right through from aquiring to retaining customers, there is so much that you would never think of doing on your own, but I am following it and I am building up a regular database of customers and this is only since August, I already have regular repeat business. I think I could be expanding in 2014, its that mad - to think I used to be a school teacher and also a volunteer in a rescue centre to actually going out, and now getting paid to work with these lovely animals - Its mad!!! Quick update, since 2018 I have now been trained to train all new folks starting out in Ireland with their hands on grooming out on the road. Its the dream for me, teaching others to operate this business out on the road, and to help in their success is just so rewarding. 

Jean - Dublin - Dun Laoghaire and Rathdown

 I Brought an existing area in Meath and cavan, and I havent looked back! Within 2 years of starting out, I now have 3 vans, with my daughter, son and retired husband joining me in the business. I have never been so happy in my work, and it was the best career change I could have made.

Stephanie - Co Meath and Co Cavan

Best decision of my working life, leaving a well paid job to do something that I wanted to do for years. At first, it felt scary, it was hard work, but after taking all the advice, and following the system, I became very busy, very quickly. I expanded with a sub franchise a year after starting. Its a fantastic business, and I would seriously recommend it to anyone who seriously love dogs, and want to work with them. My only regret is that I didnt do it ten years ago!

Conor - Co Kerry

Ive been with Dial a Dog Wash since 2011, I started in Manchester in my Mothers business, before moving to Northern Ireland in 2015 with my young family, where I started this business. I can't thank Dave and Diane enough for this opportunity, I have made some wonderful friends, and met a lot of lovely dogs. It was a big decision to come here for myself and my family, but I can honestly say that, we have flourished here.

Joe - South Down, Northern Ireland

I used to work in the hospitality industrybefore joining. Everything I was told by Dave Caddy at the initial meeting as happened, and I mean everything! He told me that I would earn good money from day 1, that within months, my business would be stacked out with work, and also that I would be earning more money, than I had ever earned before - everything as become reality. He also told me that I would have less stress than any of the the jobs that I have had before - all very true, and Ive been doing this since 2019 - The support and back up for me as been outstanding from all of the Head Office team.

Niall - Sub Franchise Co Galway